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Guide to “Decorating Your Tree Like a Designer”

--> Guide to “Decorating Your Tree Like a Designer” Have you looked at your Christmas decorations and wondered where to start? Finished trees can be intimidating if you are trying to get the same look, but it doesn’t have to be. For me decorating the tree is an art, and I approach it just like I would with any design project by creating layers of elements that all work together. I love looking at decorated trees; there are so many possibilities. Each element on the tree from the lights to the ornaments are important. Here is a step-by-step guide to make your tree look like you hired a professional to finish it: Step 1- Prep and more Prep I would have to say the most important thing is to prep your tree. If you have an artificial tree, make sure you take the time to un-flatten it. Spread out and fluff each branch and really arrange them to make the tree full. This is a really tedious task and you probably will not get any volunte

Guide to "Minimizing Damage When Your Roof Leaks"

--> Guide to "Minimizing Damage When Your Roof Leaks" Article credit:  Julian Lane Photo credit:  Pixabay One of the biggest challenges of homeownership is when you run into problems, especially if it’s an issue you’ve never encountered before. Dealing with a leaky roof is one of those problems you don’t see very often, so most people don’t know what to do when it happens. Here, we discuss the immediate actions you can take to minimize the damage. --> Assess the Situation The way you respond to a leaky roof will depend on whether it’s an emergency situation or an ongoing problem. If you’re in the middle of a downpour and water is entering your home, you’ll need to intervene right away to prevent further damage. On the other hand, if you’ve just discovered a problem that has been going on for awhile, there may be other issues you have to deal with besides the roof repair, such as mold growth. Haul Away the Damaged Items