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5 Elements of a Dream Closet

A closet is something that we all have, it is usually shelves and poles and leaves little for the imagination. Closets, in general, are utilitarian spaces. However they don’t have to be. By incorporating the following elements into your space, you can make your closet into your favorite room. Seating In this closet from the website you can see that the green chaise is the star of the space. It really looks like a great place to sit and relax. If lime green isn’t for you, check out these chaises available from Arhaus. Now for most of us space is at a premium when it comes to our closet, but you have to make room for some kind of seating in your space. Whether it is a bench, ottoman or a small chair it is so important to have a spot where you can sit and ponder those stilettos in the mirror. Color So as a designer, I always like to add color to spaces to give them a little bit of interest. In closets you want to add a little interest without going