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Fall Decorating Ideas

Change of Seasons I love when the seasons change from summer to fall. When the leaves go from bright greens and yellows to warm golds and shades of orange.   Fall also marks the unofficial start to the Holiday season, we open our homes up to family and friends for the next couple of months.   It is easy to incorporate the warm cozy feeling of the season into your home by decorating using cues from nature. Here are some easy ways to get your table ready for the start of the Holiday Season: Bring the outdoors in - A cheap way to decorate for the season is to bring nature indoors. Fall offers a variety of objects that can be used in centerpieces. In the picture we see dried leaves used in hurricane vases to add a bit of the season. Be sure that whatever you use in your decorating is thoroughly cleaned. Also note that in the picture they have used a candle in a glass vase inside the hurricane vase. This will help prevent the open flame from coming in contact wi