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Discovering your Design Style The most important part of decorating your space to fit you it to discover your design style.  Most people live in a house full of a hodge-podge of different styles, this can create disharmony in your space and actually make it harder to decorate.  While it is fine to mix different styles, any more than two and your space can look disjointed. There are lots of different design styles, here are some of the most popular: Traditional Traditional furnishings can hail from 18 th century England, the French countryside or even India and the far east.  From antique furnishings to floral fabrics, traditional style sometimes gets a bad rap as fussy and out dated. The design style is all about comfort and familiarity.  This style is characterized by soft edges, rich wood finishes and mid-tone color palette. Rustic Rustic style is appealing because they have a connection to the past.  Because of the natural overtones, rustic rooms often