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Decorating Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

Fall is in the air and it’s only a few weeks until Thanksgiving!  If you are hosting this wonderful dinner, you are to be congratulated.  And, you may want a few ideas for your tablescape. So, here are some ideas to help you get ready for the big day: 1. You can either make or purchase a fall-inspired or Thanksgiving centerpiece. Make one yourself by using a traditional cornucopia centerpiece with fruit or a fall floral arrangement made with clippings from your garden! Believe it or not, my mums and marigolds are still in bloom! Or, you can then scatter some fall leaves from your yard, very small pumpkins, berries or nuts on the table around the centerpiece to highlight it around your centerpiece (remember to wash your yard-treasures thoroughly before adding them to your table). If you don't feel adventurous in making your own arrangement, then I encourage you to get one from a local florist. 2. You can add candles to your table in fall colors - shades of gold, rust, burgu