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Mixing Patterns in Decorating

It is common nowdays to see interior designers mix patterns and designs in decorating a room - just check out the decorating magazines and websites online.  It's fun to be adventurous, but as a decorator for more than 25 years, I would keep these things in mind: stick to the color scheme in the room; limit the types of prints or patterns to three or five at the most (in decorating “three” is a magic number); and keep proportion and scale in mind. So here are some tips to remember for the beginner: 1. First, visual your room as a large picture on canvas. Key colors in the room should be repeated throughout the room, in your upholstery, your throw pillows, your window treatments, in your artwork, on the walls and on the floor. Select a dominant color, a secondary color and up to two accent colors to anchor the palette. 2. Choose one multicolored pattern as your primary print and pull different colors and textures to compliment it. All the colors in the patterns/prints s