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For the Love of Design Do you love to decorate your home for different occasions or seasons? I do and I always feel like after Christmas there is such a long space before I can decorate for spring and Easter.  I think I end up keeping my Christmas decorations up a little too long to fill the void.  But this year I decided to decorate for Valentine’s Day; it isn’t a typical holiday to decorate for, but I think that with a couple simple touches you can bring the warmth of Valentine’s Day into your home.  Here are couple of examples of simple, chic Valentine's-inspired designs for your home. Punch it up with pillows: These two pictures show pillows that you can use throughout your home to give a Valentines vibe.  You can use pillows in your living room, bedroom or really anywhere. And the beauty of these pillows is that they don’t scream Valentine’s Day, and therefore, you can use them year round if you choose.  If the traditional reds and pinks that are associ