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Five Common Decorating Mistakes

Five Common Decorating Mistakes By Stephanie Platt, Interior Designer and Staging Assistant for A Goode Start Are you decorating a space in your house or do you have a space that just doesn't;t work and you can't figure out what the problem is? Below is a list of some common mistakes that when addressed can make a big impact on your space. 1. Not Enough Light - The key to creating an effective lighting plan in your space is to use layers.  There are three categories of lighting and all three need to be used to create a well lit space. General- General lighting, also known as ambient light, provides your room with overall light.  The most common types of general lighting is chandeliers, ceiling or wall mounted fixtures, recessed lights and floor/table lamps.  The overall light in a space should be comfortable and allow you to perform tasks and move around safely. Task- Think of task light as light for your work space. It is lighting that helps you perform certain ac