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A Stager's Tips for Selling Your Home (and edge out the competition!)

Well, it’s finally nice weather and the Spring race to buy a new home is on! If you're a home buyer, you definitely are on a house-hunting mission! If you and your real estate agent do "drive bys," you've probably eliminated a few properties based on their exterior appearance - including broken railings, children's toys in the yard or an unmowed lawn.Curb appeal is so important to the prospective home buyer since it is the FIRST impression a prospective buyer will have.     It could mean the difference between a "sale" and "no sale." If you are the home seller, here are some recommendations to keep your home in pristine condition and appeal to the prospective home buyers "drive by": 1. Make sure that your lawn is freshly cut and that leaves in your lawn are raked. If winter has set in, please make sure that the snow has been shoveled in the driveway and on walk-ways and sidewalks. 2. Your home's entryway should be attract