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Window Treatments - Customer Service Needed!!!

Choosing window treatments can be easier said than done. As an interior decorator, I can suggest the fabric and style of a window treatment to coordinate with the room's decorations. However, I would consult a window treatment specialist whenever it concerns the actual fabrication of the curtain/blind. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when you choose the RIGHT window treatment. This does not mean throwing up a sheet in front of your window and you’re done. If you want your windows to look BEAUTIFUL , I’d like to suggest that you enlist the help of a professional window treatment specialist. But finding the RIGHT specialist is the key to a happy client/consumer. Unfortunately, I’ve had second-hand experience with a poorly made window treatment. My decorating client decided purchase her window treatments through a well-known window treatment company, who will remain anonymous, and one that she had used before with great satisfaction. As her decora