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Finding Beauty in the Imperfect Recently, I was helping a friend of mine pack up her dishes in preparation for getting some remodeling work done. It went fine till the end of the night when a vase got broken. The vase had been her grandmother's, I think she brought it with her from Italy. This piece meant a lot to her, and she decided she wanted to try to fix it. She carefully picked up the pieces and put them all in a box to be glued together later. The pieces were a pretty good size and she thought it would go together relatively easily.   However when she went to glue it together weeks later, she noticed that she was missing a couple smaller pieces. Furthermore, some of the larger pieces, when put together, were noticeably chipped and there were gaps. There was no way this vase was going to look beautiful with just super glue. She called me, and I told her I had seen something on Pinterest that might work perfectly.   In Japan, broken objects are often repaired wit