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How to Mix Metals in Decorating

One of the coolest design trends to emerge in 2016 was Mixed Metals. It has long been regarded that if you had silver in your space then you shouldn’t use gold or it would look out of place. Many people think that by matching the finishes is the best way to coordinate your home or kitchen, but in reality this often creates a monochromatic and less interesting space. Mixing metals is the perfect way to add visual interest and depth to your space. The trick is to create a look that is cohesive and not mismatched.  Here are some tips to Mixing Metals in your space: Choose a Dominate Metal - Its important to choose one metal that you like to act as the dominate metal and then 1  or 2 other metal to mix in. This metal color theme should be cohesive throughout your home. Having a prominent metal will help unify your space and the accent metals will help add visual interest and draw your eye around the room. When choosing your dominate metal consider your design style. If you