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Summer Shade

--> Summer Shade -->   It is hot, really hot. The summer has come and has made itself known. I love spending time outside on the deck with my kids. Yet I tend to opt to stay indoors when the sun is beating down and makes it unbearable on hot summer days. My backyard is drenched in sunshine, which is great for growing vegetables, not so good for my fair skin. When I spend time in the great outdoors, it has to be under cover, whether that is a patio umbrella or a big floppy hat. I find a lot of times that I feel confined to the small bit of shade that my patio umbrella offers and when the sun shifts I have to shift as well. The problem is that the umbrella only creates a small area of shade that is mostly on the table itself. I have looked into those awnings that are attached to the side of the house and it is a good option but they tend to be bulky, and a big hit to the budget. A few weeks ago, I was at