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Outdoor Decorating

Outdoor Decorating After the unrelenting showers of May, I personally am ready for some much welcome sunshine. June is the official start of the summer. The kids are out of school and we always tend to spend more time outside. Is sit outside and watch my kids play and have adventures. I really want my outdoor space to shine and be a place where adults are welcome as well as kids. My goal is to make my outdoor space as cozy and welcoming as the indoor spaces. A couple of items can really make a big difference for you porch or patio.   Rugs - I know that everyone typically has a door mat to wipe your shoes on, but adding a rug to your porch or patio can really help to define an area. As you can see in the picture, using a rug on a concreate patio, gives the space depth. It also really helps to soften up what would be a visually and physical hard space. The best outdoor rugs are a flat woven natural material that is ea