Pantone's Fall Color

Pantone's Fall Color


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Monday, November 1, 2010

Purple is the new color for 2011!

Recently, on my "A Goode Start Decorating and Home Staging" Facebook page, I predicted that in the New Year, the decorating world will embrace "purple" as the newest, popular color for 2011. As a result of my premonition, I decided to do some research on the color which I will share with you below. What I found out is that purple is no longer just your grandmother's color!

Throughout the ages, purple has been associated with royalty. In ancient times, the dye was extracted from mollusk, was extremely expensive and therefore, only available to the rich and to royalty.

On the color wheel, purple is a mixture of the red and blue. Various amounts of red or blue can result in different tints and shades of the color - ranging from the red violet spectrum to the blue violet spectrum: for instance -- magenta (which has a reddish tint) to violet to plum to aubergine (which has a bluish tint).

Although the deeper shades of purple still signify richness and luxury, the softer shades of purple are soothing. Many interior designers (including me) say that using a powerful purple piece in a room “can add passion to a room” and will really pop when set against a complementary background color, like green. For a cohesive look, repeat the purple elsewhere in the room. Purple can also be used in many eclectic decorating schemes. For a bold look, use purple with it's complement, yellow (in various shades in tints, shades and intensities). For a subtle, relaxing ambience, pair purple with shades of grey.

The deepest purples, like aubergines and the brooding blue-tinted shades, imply grandeur and strike a serious, formal note. These tones are best used boldly -- for instance, by painting it on all four walls or a set of built-ins. But go a few tones lighter, and even dark purples will make gathering spaces seem cozy and conversation-friendly.

So, we'll see if my prediction comes true in 2011. In the meantime, happy decorating!

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