Holilday LIghts!

Holilday LIghts!


Thank you for visiting my blog. I have a passion for decorating! And, as a decorator and home stager who's helped many people transform their homes, I wanted to share my ideas and tips with others. Enjoy! My company's motto is: "Get A Goode Start to Sell Your Home!"

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Spring is in the air here in Maryland – at least for a day! The nice weather inspires us to get going if you’re thinking about any remodeling, redecorating or putting your home up for sale.
If you want to bring a touch of spring into your household, here are some budget-wise ideas:
-Bring some live plants into your home by clipping outdoor ivy and then rooting them in water. Or purchase some inexpensive annuals, such as impatiens, begonias, primroses,or fushias, and keep them indoors. These flowers like low-light so they will live indoors, as long as you keep them watered.
-Embellish candles for an expensive way to decorate your home. Attach dried flowers, shells, pebbles or twigs for a new look. Then you can group different sizes together for an arrangement on a table or shelf.
-Spray paint or stencil some old houseplant pots to add some color to your table or shelves. Pot your shade annuals or cuttings into the “new” pots and you have a new decorative item at a minimal cost!
-If you have an old metal or wicker shelf sitting in your basement or garage, you can give it new life with two coats of spray paint. You can use it to display plants or flowers either inside or out on your patio.
-Speaking of garage finds, you can refurbish an old wooden stepladder with a coat of paint or varnish and use it either outdoors or indoors as a bookcase or a plant stand.
- Do you have old magazines or picture books with beautiful botanical pictures that you love? If your answer is yes, perhaps you could add some spring color to your walls or shelves by framing those pictures.
By the way, I am now juggling many different projects since spring has sprung. I hope to at least post a blog once a month but my busy schedule may preclude my ramblings until summer. Don’t give up on me – I still have lots of ideas to share!!