Holilday LIghts!

Holilday LIghts!


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Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Spring Colors!

Color Me Happy

Flipping through design magazines, it is hard not to get inspired.  I love to see fresh ideas and colors and then use them in my home and my client homes.  I always love when they post color palates. Often colors are strong on their own, but when paired, they can take on a whole new feel.

Better Homes and Gardens has announced its Color Palette of the Year and it is an upbeat mix of the season’s best colors.

Personally, I am really loving this mix of colors.  The combo of blue and green are a traditional mix, but the addition of the pale pink and vibrant orange will really liven up any room!  The addition of gray as the neutral really rounds out the palate.
  • Blue (Smoke Blue PPG451-5): This blue is a midtone and it works well with a lot of different colors.  It is not too dark and so it has a slightly playful vibe. This blue is in the same family as Pantone’s Snorkel Blue, chosen for the Spring 2016 colors.
  • Green (Smoke Bell RL1599):  A hint of silver makes this green stand out-- it has a modern, retro vibe.
  • Pink (Gentle Blush BM 2084-70):  A soft and feminine pink that isn’t too sweet.  This light color is sophisticated and works as a neutral when paired with blues, blacks and other accents. This color reminds me of Rose Quartz, Pantone’s color of the year for 216.
  • Orange (Tango SW6649):  I love the unexpected addition of this bold, energetic orange.
  • Gray (Foil DE6360):   A cool, muted gray is a very contemporary color. 

In the above pictures, you can see how you can achieve a variety of looks by changing the balance of the colors.  In the first one, the Blue is the main color and the room is lively and bright.  In the second, the Green is the star and the room is serene and calming.

To see all of the Pantone Spring/ Summer 2016 Colors- (http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr/?season=spring&year=2016&pid=11)

Happy Spring Decorating !!