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Small Details- Big Results

As a smart seller, you’ll want your home to be in the best state when it hits the market. You may think that you need that WOW factor to stand out. And while that is effective it might not always be budget friendly. Big home improvement projects can really eat into your profit and might not give you a good ROI (Return on Investment). Sometimes it is the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Smaller and less expensive projects in combination with good staging will get you a great return. As a buyer is walking through your home, they are making a mental list of pros and cons, and especially projects. All those little things that you have learned to live with over the years will be the focus of scrutiny. And a buyer that sees 1 problem will be on the lookout for more problems. A lot of these things can be fixed easily and relatively cheaply: Water Stains on walls and ceiling: A water stain suggests that there is a hidden problem and will definitely make the buy