Holilday LIghts!

Holilday LIghts!


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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dorm Room Style

Dorm Room Style

So your off to college (or your child is) and you need to make a statement. Your dorm room is the perfect place to put your personality on display.  You will spend lots of time in your room so it should be a comfy and inviting space.  Let's face it -- most dorm rooms are utilitarian and boring. We have put together some suggestions to decorate your room and get the most out of your space:

While most dorm rooms might already have carpet, adding an area rug can help define your space and add some color.  It is probably better to go with a darker color with an abstract pattern that will help to camouflage any spills and stains. How fun is this ombre peacock blue rug from Pier One?  It would really add a pop to your room.

The first inclination is to go wild and crazy with your bedspread, but I say neutral is better.  More than likely your bed is the biggest surface in your dorm room and, therefore, with take up a lot of space visually.  If you choose a bold or crazy pattern, your space will feel crowded.  If you choose a neutral bedspread, you will create a calmer and more inviting space.  And it's the perfect blend with colorful accessories and artwork!  I also suggest that you get a duvet and cover, these are easier to wash in your local laundry mat since you can get away with washing the cover and washing the duvet less often. Duvet covers are also easily changed if you change your mind or if it gets torn or stained.

Here is where you can go crazy with the color or pattern. You can really go anywhere and find fun pillows with inspirational quotes.  This pillow is one of my daughter’s favorites (found on etsy.com).  And remember pillows are not only for your bed, invest in some larger pillows for the floor. Your dorm room will be filled with lots of people hanging out, and you can use pillows for people to lounge on the floor.

You'll need task lighting for your study space - but how about adding   twinkle lights.. Using these in your space will instantly add sparkle to your space. You can line the ceiling, drape them at the head of your bed or just make some wall art with them.

Decorate the walls
No, you can’t paint your dorm room; however you can still decorate the walls!  Use command strips to hang some art or a chalkboard.  You can try some vinyl stick on shapes, washable tape or some removable wallpaper.  The key to this is to ask your RA first, it isn’t always allowed.  If you are not allowed to stick things to the walls, you could try a tapestry to add some interest to your walls.

As always, have fun and Happy Decorating!