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Decorating Items with Spray Paint

They call me the “Spray Paint Queen” – but it works so well and is so affordable!!! It’s amazing that they make spray paint that can cover almost any surface, not just metal but plastic, wicker, and rattan and wood. But I caution you to READ THE LABELS before you purchase! My latest projects were two wicker chairs and - believe it or not – the motor of a ceiling fan. I found a really nice, inexpensive wicker-look ceiling fan for my sunroom, but the motor was black. Since I determined that this would not look good in my tropical-inspired sunroom, I decided to spray paint it a multi-color bronze that looks fabulous in the room! So – if paint will adhere to other surfaces, you could repaint lamps and other accessories as well. Using a tarp or lots of newspaper to cover the floor or ground, I always paint outside or in a well-ventilated garage or basement. Hopefully, you’ll start looking at some of your older pieces or garage sale finds as potentially new decorative accents. A