Holilday LIghts!

Holilday LIghts!


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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Neutral Colors Rock!

Neutral Colors Rock!
By Stephanie Platt,  Interior Designer and Staging Assistant with A Goode Start

My husband and I recently purchased new living room furniture.  I have always had a hand-me-down couch, something that went perfectly with someone else’s style.  This was a big purchase for me and one I took very seriously. I drug my husband to the furniture store on a Saturday morning where we proceeded to sit on what seemed like a never ending array of couches.  I fell head over heels in love with this trendy couch in a soft teal.  It was comfortable and gorgeous. I was ready to redo my entire living room in order for this couch to fit. And that is when my husband burst my bubble.  He wanted something that worked with the aesthetic that we already had and I had to agree. In the end we went with a nice neutral soft brown couch with clean sophisticated lines.

When making big furniture purchases it is best to go with something neutral that will outlast the latest trends.  If you are in love with a certain color you can incorporate it in the accent pillows and accessories of the room. A couch is something that will be with you for a while, and you want something that can change as your family changes. When you choose a neutral couch you can add whatever color you want to make it fit your design style.

Neutral colors for couches include beige, gray, taupe, creams and whites.  Choosing the right neutral has a lot to do with your personal style and space.

Whites- White is timeless and works with any color you want to use as an accent.  It lends itself well to all different decorating styles from modern to shabby chic. You want to make sure that you check into stain resistance.  This might not be the right choice if you have pets or children.

Creams/Tan- Creams and Tans are another great option that offers lots of flexibility.  They are great for pairing with darker, bolder colors. These colors work really well with black, navys and reds. 

Brown- This color works well for active families.  Brown works well in traditional design and also tends to lend itself to a more masculine feel.

Gray- Light grays such as stone, works well with warm wood tones and is a great camouflage color if you have active kids. Darker grays work well with modern design style.