Holilday LIghts!

Holilday LIghts!


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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Using Sea Glass in Decorating

This article has been written by the newest addition to the Goode Start team, Stephanie Platt.  She is a 2012 graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

As the seasons change and the temperature warms up, I start to count the days until I can dip my toes into the ocean at the beach.  As a child some of my best memories are at the beach walking and endlessly searching for treasure.  I would come home with pockets full of sand, shells and my favorite, sea glass.  It is a tradition that I am delighted that my children have adopted.  We have amassed quite a collection, and these gems are on display in a vase in my dining room.  It is a constant reminder of the beach even on the coldest days.     

Recently I came across this color palette on pinterest (originally posted by Better Homes and Gardens) and I fell in love.  The most common colors of sea glass are white, and light blue- green.  The color palette would be the perfect way to bring the beach into your house.  The palette is soft and subdued and the colors are a great mix of blue and green.  These colors evoke peace and tranquility and would be perfect in any beach house or in a city kitchen.

Of course paint isn’t the only way to use sea glass as inspiration. If you are willing to take on a bigger project then why not consider a “sea glass” countertop.  Incorporating a glass/concrete countertop is a great way to bring this look into your kitchen or bathroom.  Below are two examples of glass countertops that have the look of sea glass.  The one on the left is by Vertrazzo and the right is Ice Stone.  Both use post consumer products to create a stunning aesthetic.  This type of countertop provides a green alternative to natural stone. The glass is translucent and really adds a personal to touch to your kitchen or bathroom.