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Bathroom Decorating Ideas


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Saturday, August 4, 2018

"Swoon Worthy" Colors for your Home

Bold Saturated colors always catch my eye and spark my creativity. The colors in my home are light, bright greys. I usually lean more toward neutral colors because I like to change things up. But I am in the process of redoing my Master Bedroom, and I really want a rich, bold statement color.

Choosing the right color is key. When choosing bolder colors, it is important to pay attention to the undertones. When the light hits the color, it will make the undertones more apparent and noticeable. When your eyes fall upon a bold color, you want them to be able to rest and take in the complexities of that color, not to be attacked by its flat, harsh one-dimensionality. 
“Deep colors contain many other hues, and you have to be just as concerned about the secondary shades that are blended in. Colors that have no depth are oddly fluorescent. They will leap out at you, rather than pull you in.” Designer Suzanne Kasler told House Beautiful.
In designing the space, the undertone is just as important as the main color. If you want to choose a deep dark blue or charcoal grey, for example, look for a hue with inky undertones. When you look at the color, you actually want to look in to the color and detect notes of interest. Is that a slight purple hidden in that dark, luxurious grey? Or perhaps notes of forest green in that intoxicating blue? 
Check out these "Swoon Worthy" Bold Colors from Behr:

Midnight in the Tropics is a perfect mix of bold blues and greens with a shot of black, that creates this dramatic dark saturated teal. This color pairs well with whites to create a costal vibe or would even work well paired with metallic in a modern space. BEHR S480-7

Midnight Show is a moody deep blue with grey undertones. This color evokes the feel of a starry night in winter. It would pair well with dark furniture to create a classic feel or with white colors for a more Coastal vibe. BEHR T17-17

Soul Search is a deep, soothing blue that is inspired by the ocean depths. The warm blue undertones make this color deep and inviting. This color is for people that love the Coast but not the pastels that tend to be used in beach home d├ęcor. The ocean is deep and so is this color. BEHR T18-14

Black Garnet is a rich, warm, chocolatey hue. It is dark, yet comforting. As the name suggests, this color has deep burgundy undertones that will add an earthy feel to your space. This color would work well with traditional design elements. BEHR N110-7

Old Amethyst is a stunning dark grey color with hints of purple and blue. This color pairs well with natural colors like greens but really pops with white or light gray accents. BEHR MQ5-03

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