Pantone's Fall Color

Pantone's Fall Color


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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

I have to say I have been good all year, and I just am in need of a little sparkle in my life. I have been dreaming up ideas all year to update my tired d├ęcor for the new year. A have found a couple of things that I hope will be under my tree this year. :-)

In all seriousness, my living room is nice and neutral, with a couple of personal touches. But in all honestly, it is just not exciting. We have been remolding for a while and have tackled some big projects, but the living room has not seen any changes for a while.
Versatile Grey #6072
The walls have been painted Versatile Grey by Sherwin Williams recently, which has really brightened up the space. The sofas are a medium grey and are traditional in style. I want to introduce some color and texture to the space are really create interest and visual flow. I love cooler colors, and with the new grey on the walls, a blue will work really well.

1. Angeline Blue Area Rug
2. Serena Lamp

1. I found this amazing rug at Wayfair. It is the Angeline Blue Area Rug and it is a modern abstract rug in blue tones. The color of the rug pairs well with neutral colors and really will provide the space with an interesting focal point. This rug can be classified as modern but can pair well with the transitional pieces that most people have.

2. One of the biggest problem in my Living Room is lighting. Actually, a lot of spaces suffer from insufficient lighting, this can really affect the mood of the room. My living room has a ceiling fan with lights and it provides a great overall light. I found the Serena Crystal table lamp, and it is an elegant addition to any room. Visually, it is light and does not crowd the space. The clear base makes it a great addition to any room, no matter the color.


4. Parmalee Accent Chair

3. Eagan Round Mirror


3. Including a mirror in your space will definitely lighten up your space. The Eagan Multipanel Round Mirror, from Pottery Barn, is more like a work of art. A traditional round mirror with a unique modern twist. The details, like the beveled glass rim, make this mirror a focal point in the room.

4. Since the sofas are neutral (medium grey), I think that introducing color in the accent chairs will help balance out the space. The Parmelle Wingback Chair from Wayfair is a traditional chair that is big on style. The wingback  chair, with nail heads and tufted back, are classic traditional elements, but paired with the other more conteporary items in the space, this chair takes on a more modern feel.
5. Inigo Encounter Art
5. A good way to avoid your room being too boring is to add art. Art can really help to personalize your space and make it more inviting. This piece of art was found at Pier 1, and entitled Indigo Encounter. It is abstract and the colors blend with the colors from the rug. A good choice when choosing an abstract piece of art is to choose something that relates to the color in your space, but is something that you like too.  Decorating is a balance of personal choices and good design.  If you need assistance, call your local interior designer or decorator.  They can help guide you to make good design choices.   

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and, as always, Happy Decorating!!


--Deb and Stephanie

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