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Spring Trends

All the nice weather is making me think of Spring. In the following article Leslie Hendrix Wood of Hadley Court ( shares this year’s Spring Trends.

Makeover your Home with Spring 2017 Trends

I have to be honest – I have a bad case of spring fever. If you are like me, you are ready to add a little color to your life and embrace the outdoors. After all the inspiration from Paris Design Week, here are 5 emerging trends we are seeing that will update and freshen any d├ęcor.
Green: Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
I’m always an advocate for fresh…fresh flowers, fresh veggies….fresh scents. This time, it’s literal. Earlier this year, Pantone came out with its color of the year: Greenery, the cousin of chartreuse. The rich and savory color sets a mood that’s inviting and soothing.

I know for many it can be daring to go so bold. Try an accent wall and balancing it with more subtle hues in furniture (dark woods, greys). Still unsure? Green accessories such as glass vases, plates, or lighting can do the trick and create the same effect.

Nature Calls: Photo courtesy of Vogue
Playing off the story behind ‘Greenery,’ there were more references of nature down the runway this past fall.

Skins that slither, fruits that make your lips pucker, the over embellished designs behind nature’s gifts are a must this spring. Be bold!

Maximalism: Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest
As seen in the Ancien Modern Pop-up shop during Design Week In Pairs – more is more!

Layer this season by upgrading your pillow game, adding throws to lonely benches, picking a daring patterned fabric for that brand new ottoman! Possibilities? Many. Stories? Endless.

Texture, Texture: Photo courtesy of The NoMad Hotel
This spring, be on the lookout for furnishings that have been revamped with a touch of “texture” via tufting, padding, and curvature. Especially in rooms where natural light isn’t an option – what gives it that ‘je ne sais quois?’ Texture. A tufted headboard will do the trick.

Archaic, Not Chaotic: Photo courtesy of Maison & Object and More
With the digital realm readily at our fingertips, there is a reverence toward the hand-made, the soft-hand. African vases, Guatemalan textiles, Italian leather cases, Peruvian Rugs-

All of these have one design element that you won’t find anywhere else: a history. It’s all in the hunt, channel your inner hunter-gatherer to find exotic pieces that speak to your favorite space.

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