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Warm and Fuzzy Rugs for Decorating!

I was in my favorite store the other day when I spotted it -- a pure white faux fur 8x10 rug. It was soft, fuzzy and luxurious. I must have stared at this rug, which was very tempting, and I wanted to put it in my cart and take it home. It was the kind of rug you design a room around; and I could have, however my reality and teenage kids made this purchase more like a fairy tale.

Take a walk in any home décor or furniture store and you will see this popular design trend in everything from rugs to chairs. But why is this trend so appealing? Texture is the key!
By adding different texture to a room you instantly make it more interesting and well balanced space. Texture helps create visual interest in your space which will keep your eye moving around the room. If there is too much of the same texture in a space, the room can come off as boring and flat.  In order to get a well-designed space, texture is a layer that should not be overlooked.

Pillows and Throw Blankets: Probably the easiest and cheapest way to introduce this trend in your space.  You can get a variety of colors and different effects depending on the look you are going for.  For a modern space you may want to stick to stark white and cool grays, but if you have an eclectic space you may want to opt for a fun color or elaborate pattern. These pillows are from Horchow and are shown in soft colors; but if you are looking for something bolder, they have animal prints and darker colors.
Since it is the holiday season, you can also bring this trend in with you holiday decorating. Faux fur stockings and tree skirts can also be found at several retailers.

Small Furniture: I have seen faux fur used on furniture as well. In this picture, we see two small stools that are covered in the faux fur. These stools help to balance out the bold color and bold art by adding a soft surface. The texture of the faux fur is soft and is a good contrast to the hard lines of furniture.  

 Rugs: A bit more of an investment but a great way to make a big impact.  Faux fur in a rug can really be a statement piece.  Probably a better choice for a low traffic room where it wouldn’t get much use.  Rugs can come in shapes of with a natural “hide” shape. These textured rugs work well in a variety of design styles from modern to contemporary.

So, it's November and the holidays are coming soon.  Happy Decorating and see you in December!


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