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Color Matters

One of the biggest elements in design is color. It is all around us and has such a big impact on how we feel. Picking colors for rooms is more about the way that you want a space to feel. Different colors can evoke different emotions and in turn changing the whole mood of your room.  If you want a calm and relaxing space you should choose neutrals and blues, if you want a lively space you should choose bright colors like red and yellows.

Look around you and see how color is used in everyday life to evoke an emotion or action- here is a quick guide to the colors around us and what they mean-

Green: We all associate green with go, think traffic lights. It also represents nature and freshness. It has long been a symbol of fertility. It was even once a popular wedding dress color (in the 15th century) because it was associated with wealth and status. 

Blue: The color of calm seas and clear skies. It is a very emotional color and has inspired many artists. Picasso focused on blue in his Blue Period to create a calm but melancholy mood.  An important note is that by not balancing the cool colors with warmer tones- the result can be cold and stark. Blue is also a symbol of dependability and loyalty.

Purple: Purple is the color of royalty, it evokes feelings of luxury and wisdom. Purple is a unique color the represents creativity, royalty and spirituality. It is a very versatile color that can be dramatic or subtle, exciting or calming depending on the colors it is paired with.

Yellow: Bright sunny yellow is an uplifting color that can promote communication and improve concentration by stimulating your brain. If you use too much of this color it can actually be overstimulating and cause anxiety. 

Orange: A balance of yellow and red, orange is a welcoming color that conveys friendliness, happiness, innovation, energy and fun. Orange colors attract attention, making a space feel approachable and welcoming.

Red: Love, energy, power, strength, passion and heat are all emotions that can be conveyed with the color red. Vibrant reds can heighten senses while earthy rich reds can create warmth and comfort. Red is actually a good color for a dining area because it stimulates the appetite.

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