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The Spring, Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces!

I don’t know about you, but I have been longing for the warm weather to arrive so that I can get outside. What’s that saying, “April showers bring May flowers?"  Well, it also brings a lot of work.  My yard is just itching for some well-deserved attention. My flowers are all starting to pop out of the soil and the leaves are back on the trees, now we just need it to warm up so that we can plan a Memorial Day barbeque.

Typically, May starts the outdoor entertaining season.  Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are big outdoor entertaining holidays. Here are some things that you can do that are easy to spruce up you outdoor space and get it ready to welcome guests.

Colorful Pillows: If your outdoor furniture is looking a little tired, you don’t have to replace them.  Sometimes just swapping out the old, tired pillows and cushions with new ones can give you a whole new and fresh look. These pillows from Pier One (one of my favorite stores) can give your backyard a coastal vibe no matter where you live.  Adding pops of color can also freshen up your space.

Outdoor Rug: I have to say, I love an outdoor rug.  They can be used to define a space or disguise a tired looking deck.  The same rules that go for indoor rugs, make sure you get one big enough for your space.  Choosing a rug that is too small will visually close off the space, while choosing one that will allow all of the furniture to sit on will create a conversation grouping. The space will be more inviting and welcoming.

Spring Flowers: Now is the best time to plant spring flowers, now that the danger of frost has past you can plant flowers and veggies without worrying.  Flowers and colorful ornamental pots are a great way to bring color and life to your outdoor space. In the picture you can see ornamental lavender layered with bright yellow flowers. The beautiful glazed planters are done in a very trendy turquoise.

Outdoor lights: Adding strings of lights over a seating area can really “brighten” up your space.  Sorry about the play on words, but it is true.  Adding the lights can make the space more inviting and allow you entertain later.  Think about adding pathway lights to walkways and around garden borders.

Fun touches: If you have the space you can add a game space to your backyard. In the picture you can see that simple square garden pavers were added in checkerboard pattern to create a giant chess board. You can buy giant chess pieces or checkers pieces online.  Other popular lawn games are Jenga and Yahtzee.

Have fun this spring preparing for the summer outdoor fun!  And as always, Happy Decorating!


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