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"Green" Ways to Make Your Home Shine for the Holidays!

If you are hosting family and friends for the holidays, I'm sure you've been busy getting ready for the event. Whether you are getting your home ready for the holidays or ready for sale, here are 10 "green" tips using many household items that you may already have in your house.  They are much healthier for your family than using the alternative, chemical-based products.

1.  Clean your glass windows, doors or mirrors with a mixture of white vinegar and water and wipe with newspaper for a beautiful, streak-free shine.
2.  Freshen your garbage disposal by putting a lemon wedge in and running the disposal.  This will neutralize odors and crease a fresh, lemony scent.  Fresh lemon can also be used to scrub kitchen counters and salt can be added as an abrasive for stubborn stains (tip - be careful using any abrasives with granite and marble - they are porous and scratch easily).
3.  Remove crayon from the walls with toothpaste (not the gel type).  Simply put a small amount of toothpaste on a  damp sponge and wipe gently, then wipe away any residue with a clean sponge.
4.  Remove watermarks on wood surfaces by rubbing a little mayonnaise on the wood and then buffing out the mark.
5.  Remove candle wax from fabric by hardening it first with an ice cube and then chipping away the hardened wax.
6.  Repair small scratches on hardwood floors with wood stain magic markers, available at most hardware stores. Be sure to choose the color that most closely matches the wood, fill in the scratch with color and buff with a soft cloth to blend.
7.  Stainless steel appliances will shine if you rub a little olive oil on a soft cotton cloth and polish to a shine!
8.  Remove soap residue in your dishwasher by running a wash cycle with a couple of white vinegar instead of soap.
9.  Clean stains on upholstery with a small amount of club soda on a dry cloth.  Some stains may be more difficult to remove.  If the club soda does not work, make a paste of 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of club soda.  Rub a small amount on the stain with a soft cloth.  Gently rub the cleaner off with another clean soft cloth dipped in a little warm water.  Once dry, vacuum off any remaining residue
10. Remove oil and grease stains on concrete driveways and garage floor by sprinkling the stains with baking soda or an other absorbent substance such as cornmeal or sawdust.  If the stain is dry, be sure to wet it first to create a paste and then scrub with a stiff brush.  If this is unsuccessful, try using automatic dishwashing detergent, leave it on for a few minutes and then poor boiling water on it and scrub with a stiff brush.

I hope these tips will make your home shine for the holidays!  Happy Decorating!


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